Due to Zircono is engineering and construction company, there is no any benefit with vendors. The customers able to ensure in transparent procurement services and to utilize engineering and technical knowledge from Zircono. Zircono provides the procurement services in any equipment or material for several kinds of projects such as power plant sector, petrochemical sector, industrial sector and general services. Our services policy will be on time delivery, quality, corrective of material or equipment specification, customer special requirement and budgetary control.

The procurement team will work together with engineering team to ensure corrective in either material or equipment specification and data sheet.

Our capabilities will be as follow:

     -   Enquiry document preparation
     -   Bidding invitation and organization
     -   Negotiation
     -   Contract preparation
     -   Expedition

From our skill of engineering and construction, we ensure that the customers will get the optimize price and best quality from our services.

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